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Asias Space Race James Clay Moltz

Asias Space Race

James Clay Moltz

Published June 26th 2014
ISBN : 9780231527576
288 pages
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 About the Book 

In contrast to the close cooperation among European states, Asian space activity is characterized by increasing rivalry. If current trends continue, this civilian space competition could become a military race. To better understand the emerging dynamics, James Clay Moltz conducts the first in-depth policy analysis of Asias fourteen leading space programs, with a special focus on developments in China, Japan, India, and South Korea.Moltz isolates the domestic motivations driving Asias space actors, revisiting critical events such as Chinas 2007 antisatellite weapons test and its three manned flights, Japans successful Kaguya lunar mission and Kibo module for the International Space Station (ISS), Indias completion of its Chandaryaan-1 lunar mission, and South Koreas astronaut visit to the ISS and plans to establish independent space-launch capability. He unpacks these nations divergent space goals and their tendency to focus on national solutions and self-reliance rather than regionwide cooperation and multilateral initiatives. Moltz concludes with recommendations for improved intra-Asian space cooperation and for regional conflict prevention, making this a key text for international relations scholars. He reviews Americas efforts to engage Asias space programs in joint activities and prospects for future U.S. space leadership, and discusses the relationship between space programs and economic development in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.