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Star Trek. Classic 86. Der Coup der Promethaner. Denny Martin Flinn

Star Trek. Classic 86. Der Coup der Promethaner.

Denny Martin Flinn

Published 1999
ISBN : 9783453150010
375 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

For my full review, visit: http://maryellenherrera.com/2012/06/1...In The Fearful Summons the Excelsior is exploring the outer limits of space when they encounter the Maldari, a Thraxian trader. Tricked into boarding Maldari’s ship, Sulu and ten other crew mates are kidnapped, taken back to Maldari’s planet, and held for ransom. Starfleet’s hands are tied since they do not negotiate ransom demands, so it’s up to Kirk and the original crew to discover where Sulu is being held and rescue him without the aid of Starfleet. Can Kirk pull his friends together for this ultimate adventure?Hmmm, I think I have mixed feelings on this one. Although it was nice to read about the original crew coming back together for another adventure, I didn’t really feel the connection with them that I normally enjoy when reading books about them. Part of the problem was the characters themselves. Although Kirk is known for his independent thinking, his actions on this adventure just didn’t quite fit him. Sure there were moments in the book where the Kirk from the series came through, but in other spots in the story it just didn’t gel.I liked the aliens in the book, the Thraxians. The split between their religious and political branches was interesting, as were the interactions with Maldari and his crew. The only other part I really enjoyed reading about was the beginning of the adventure when Kirk had to find Checkov, Uhura, Scotty, Bones, and Spock. Seeing where they decided to spend their “retirement” was entertaining, although I was not entirely pleased with some of the choices the author decided to put them in.