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Electric World (Simple Electricity and Magnetism #1) Albert Simpson

Electric World (Simple Electricity and Magnetism #1)

Albert Simpson

Published June 19th 2015
Kindle Edition
57 pages
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 About the Book 

Electric World is about explaining electricity without maths or complex laws. It is one of a series of three books. The other two are about magnetism and electromagnetic radiation.Electricity is charge in motion. A single amp of d.c. current flowing in a 1mm diameter wire involves electron charges moving at less than one half of a metre every hour. That is very slow, even for a tortoise. Electrons do not collide- it is charge forces changes that interact to cause billions of slow electron movements almost instantaneously throughout the wire.Charge forces are more powerful than mass forces. Charge forces hold our human form together. If they were weaker we would be as liquid on the ground. Charge forces enable the chair we sit on to support our weight. They do so despite the chair being composed of atoms that are mainly space.If we consider an atom nucleus as being tennis ball size- an electron, on the same scale, might be as much as half a mile away and the size of a seed. More than 99 percent of an atom is space, as per the vacuum of outer space.Solids, liquids, gases and plasmas (ionised gases) are all 99 percent outer space. When we feel materials we feel the charge forces in the material interacting with the charge forces in our skin and when we see shapes and colours it is because their charge vibrations are emitting visible radiations.