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Frogs At Large Alan Hart

Frogs At Large

Alan Hart

Published February 5th 2011
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This is the second complete adventure story of those intrepid Pond Frogs Peter and Herb.As told by Joshuah Longtail, the highly esteemed story telling Rat.On this expedition they put Granddads rule number one to the test, (always find a way to remember the way you came, then you can find your way home.)They attend a Mouse Party, with Herbs new friend Belinda, a very pretty young Mouse.Belindas Dad takes an instant dislike to Herb and then even worse, once everyone is finally feasting, the Fox arrives and starts eating mice, but the Fox didnt recon on Herb.Finally, the riddle that Peter poses for Herb, leads our Two Frogs to meet one of the original creators of the web. Can you guess the meaning?Its all exciting stuff!