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Advances in Polyimide: Science and Technology Claudius Feger

Advances in Polyimide: Science and Technology

Claudius Feger

Published January 4th 1993
ISBN : 9780877629832
706 pages
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 About the Book 

New Materials:* Morphological Composites from Polyimides* Polyimides Containing Pendent Siloxane Groups* New Synthetic Copolymers for Low Dielectric High Temperature Polymer NanofoamsPrecursors:* All-Trans Polyamic Esters as Precursors to Rigid Rod Polyamides* High-Temperature-Curing End Caps for Polyimide OligomersChemistry:* Synthesis of Soluble High Tg Polyimides Utilizing Ester-Acid Dianhydride Derivatives* Chemistry of PMR-15 Composite Matrix Resin: Effect of BTDA TriesterProcessing:* IR Studies of Polyamic Acid Curing: Solvent Effects* The Influence of Processing Conditions on Structure, Properties and Stress Development in Spin Coated Polyimide FilmsStructure:* Structure of Poly(imide siloxane)* Charge Transfer in PolyimidesStructure-Property Relationships:* Effect of Incorporating Fluorine in Polyimide on Electrical Conduction* Melt-Flow Polyimide Oligomers with High Planarization and TransparencyProperties:* Transport and Protective Properties of Polyimides as Studied via Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy* Lithographic and Optical Properties of PolyimidesApplications:* Hybrid Wafer Scale Integration Technology Based on Photosensitive Polyimide* Fabrication and Characterization of Low Loss Polyimide Channel WaveguidesIndex0877629846 Design Concepts - Novel Processes - Adaptive Materials and Structures - Neural Networks - Micromachines - Gels - Supramolecules and Membranes - Drug Delivery System - Biomaterials.